A Domestic Violence Protection Order (also known as a DVO) can restrict the contact that the person responsible for the Domestic Violence can have with the aggrieved person.

We recognise that Protection Orders have the potential to place significant limitations on the Respondent’s liberty and should only be made in appropriate circumstances.

Our Townsville domestic violence lawyers provide legal advice and support to:

  • Victims of Domestic Violence applying for a Protection Order and a Trial if necessary

  • People who are responding to an Application for a Protection Order

If you need to make an Domestic Violence Order, or if somebody has made and DVO against you, it is recommended to seek legal advice from an experienced solicitor immediately.

What happens if someone tries to make an DVO against you?

You can object to an the Order being made against you and have the matter adjourned for trial at a later date. Under these circumstances, an interim DVO will be issued until the trial date.